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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beltane is Here!

Thursday, April 30, 2009
First off Happy Beltane, everyone! Here is a kid friendly ritual for you to enjoy with your children.


Supplies for Mini Maypole
Three small votive candles - I use yellow, green and red
And Bells for each participant


Have one of the kids ring their bell three times and say the following;

I ring the bell To cast the circle So Mote it Be!

Then an Adult or one of the older children casts the circle, saying the following;

I weave around us a circle With love and light Where we can Honor the Lady and Lord

Tell the kids to imagine a silvery-blue light surrounding them in a large circle. Explain that this "Circle of Light" means that we want to make this a sacred place to honor the Goddess and God.

Then you can light the yellow candle and say;

With this we call the Sun King. Horned One come to us!

Then you can light the red candle and say:

With this we call the Goddess. Soon to be the Mother. All Hail!

Have the kids ring their bells again. Let them know that they represent the voices of the faeries lifted in song as they called the children to dance the maypole.

Then pick up the green candle and tell the children that it represents the Earth. Light it and say;

The Earth is alive and strong. Blessings we send to the land.

This time instead of bells, have the children put their hands on the Earth. Tell them to think about love and to send it to the Earth.

Now you can make the Mini Maypole and weave the ribbons or crepe paper around it. Tell them that this symbolic of the Gods becoming one so that life may continue.

Now you can close the circle. Let the child who rung the bell first, now ring their bell again and say;

I ring the bell To close the circle So Mote It Be!

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