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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Great Rtie

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Beltane is almost here and I realized that I haven't yet talked about the even that the Sabbat celebrates. The Great Rite.

So first off, what is the Great Rite? Although many of you may know the answer already, the answer simply, is that it is the sexual union between the Horned Lord and the Maiden, Goddess of Spring.

But more complexly it is the union between the masculine and feminine energies present within nature and more importantly within ourselves. It is Shiva, the inseminator, descending into Shakti, the Divine womb. If you look deep within this then you will see that there is a great lesson to be learned. That without action there can be no growth. And that without thought and a container for action then there can be no fruit from acting.

This can also be described in the balance within Yin and Yang. Neither can exist without the other, if there is to be balance in nature and within ourselves.

I see that this is a problem in most religions of the world, Wicca and Paganism included, some religions have excluded the feminine energies of the divine and then there are those that swung the pendulum to the other side, excluding almost completely the masculine component to Creator. (I must say for fairness sake, that this is not always the case. No rule can be defined as all encompassing).
So over the next few weeks look at how you behave. Are you all action and no focus, no container for your activity? Or are you a thinker without action?
Either one is pointless and will achieve nothing or very little in the end.

Spend time in meditation this Beltane visualizing the athame dipping into the chalice. Also take the time in normal waking life to try to integrate the masculine and feminine energies within yourself, striving to be a more complete and whole person.

Blessed Be!

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