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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Greenman

Sunday, April 24, 2011
The Greenman is an aspect of the God that is appropriate for this upcoming Sabbat. He is the God of the deep and wild woods as well as the God of wild animals.

He is part of the Horned Lord aspect and he is also called Jack O' the Green. Dionysus and Pan can fit into this aspect. But the color green did not just mean the foliage that the Greenman was known for, it is also the universal color of the fairy folk.

With this in mind I thought it fitting that I share this craft that I found while looking for Beltane activities.

This is basically to make your own Green Man mask.

You Will Need
Mask form (or craft foam, paper plate, cardboard, etc.)
Tack glue or hot glue gun
Silk leaves, variety

Get a full or half-face blank mask form from any costume supply shop, or make a simple one by cutting eye-holes in a paper plate, or cut a half-mask with eyes out of cardboard or craft foam. Punch holes in the sides and

thread ribbon through to tie it around your head.

Arrange the silk leaves on the mask, starting with the larger leaves going around the outer edges. Glue them on, slightly overlapping. Have the edges of the leaves hang slightly off the edge of the mask.

After completing the perimiter, move inward an inch and put another circular layer of leaves. Stagger them so they don't match up perfectly with the first set of leaves. Glue them all the way around. Continue doing this until you cover the mask, avoiding the eye holes.

Finish by arranging and gluing some smaller leaves around the eye holes, being careful not to obscure the vision.

If you like, arrange leaves to resemble a mustache or beard if desired. This Pagan Craft can be quite spiritual as masks have been used for millennia in rites and rituals.

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