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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Know Your Craft - Part 2

Thursday, April 2, 2009
I got a comment on my post yesterday on my multipart series on the Thirteen Goals of a Witch. And I decided that it deserved its own post in response. I don't know if they are a regular reader of my blog, but I figured this way they may see the response. Here is the comment,
It is also extremely difficult if you are new to the 'Craft' and there's no one but you. Covens are hard to find, let alone to join. As a solitary it is even harder to apply Wicca to day to day life when you are learning as you go along but frankly there are way too many books out there to even know where to begin.
So I wouldn't lay the entirety of the blame on the lay people. If you don't have a local pagan group around, it's even harder.
I do agree knowing your craft is important but it's especially harder when you don't have a 'support' group to help you grow in the craft.
This could have been me that wrote this comment a few years ago. I have spent twelve years in the Craft and until very recently, about three years, I have not found any normal Pagans in my area. They were either fluffy or they were not balanced.

So I struggled through with a friend of mine reading and trying everything even remotely related to Wicca and Paganism. I was blessed that later I found more Pagans to share community with. But oftentimes they were only as knowledgeable as me, or sometimes even less.

Yet in the last nine months or so, I have found a great organization. Family Wiccan Traditions International (FWTI). This organization besides embodying the idea of Pagan Parenting, that I believe in so strongly, has a fantastic training program for Clergy.

This program does not require more than a passing knowledge of the Craft to start. I am enrolled in the program and the First Degree was a lot of review for me, as well as things I had never done or had never heard of.

So if you are interested in a structured program then I encourage you to go over to their Community Forum site and sign up. You will get all the information upon sign up on how to enroll in the Clergy program.

I hope that this answers the issues brought up by the commenter from yesterday. But if it doesn't or if there are other questions you can either connect with me on Facebook or email me through the link at the top.

Blessed Be!

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