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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summertime Activities - Star Gazing

Thursday, June 2, 2011
With summer and the warmer weather upon us. Many of us can actually venture outside. I urge all of you that the next time you do, to take the time to look up at the sky and see the stars. And better yet take your kids out with you and see how many constellations that you can spot together.
There is a great program called Stellarium that will give you an interactive map of the night sky.
My family has a great time finding the Big Dipper and Orion and all the others.
For a better and easier experience you can buy a good pair of binoculars. They won't show as much as telescope but they are easier to use and give you a wider view of the sky than a telescope will. For astronomy the larger the front lenses the better. You should aim for 7 to 10 power binoculars.
So tonight take the time with the family to go and learn the skies and the stars. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty that the Gods put there for us.
Here is a great site that should help all of you:

Blessed Be!

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