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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lord of the Harvest

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
While not a specific deity, the Harvest Lord is one of the faces of the God. And since Lughnasadh falls at the end of this month, beginning of next, I figured that it would be appropriate to talk about Him.

He is the father who sacrifices all for his children. He works to bring home the "bread", literally. Because in this case he is actually the grain that is ground and baked into bread.

Since I am a Father who works so hard to provide for my family, this is an aspect that especially resonates with me. His willingness to work no matter what to provide is a lesson that I think many men in our culture need.

I have posted this poem before, but I wanted to share it again. I hope that you all enjoy.

Rede of the Lord of the Harvest

I am the aging man toiling day after day to provide for his children. I am the Father who regardless of his worries always has a smile for his fellow man. I am the Earth aging and giving up its last crop. Yet I am also the promise of life unending even into Death. I am true love made real by a willing sacrifice. I am the yellow corn that gives life to the masses.

But still I am feared because I bring death soon, robed in black I bring the scythe that cuts down the wheat. Yet do not worry for does not the wheat continue your life? See my willing death in the waning sun and the leaves turning crimson and orange.

Yet remember my death is willing for in my death I end the battle between Son and Father and I spare the Earth. Look for me on the other side of this world in Summerland for I will be there to guide the souls of the dead and give them a chance at rebirth

Blessed Be!

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