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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lughnasadh Ritual for Families

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Happy Lughnasadh to All of You!


Five Candles -- yellow, red, blue, green, brown
A bowl of water
A bowl of dirt
A feather
Musical Instruments if you so wish
Bell for each of the children participating


Arrange the colored candles and other items in a circle around you. In the East put the yellow candle and the feather. In the South put the red candle. In the West put the bowl of water and the blue candle. And finally in the North put the bowl of dirt and the green candle. Light these candles as you set them out. Walk with your children from candle to candle, ringing a bell as you leave from candle to another.
Start in the East and tell them that it represents Air. Wave the feather at them so that they can feel the wind.
In the South tell them that here is Fire represented. Carefully let them feel the heat from the candle.
In the West talk to them about Water. Have them wash their hands in the water.
In the North speak about the element of Earth. Let them touch the dirt.
When you return to the Center talk to them about the Goddess and the God and how they are always there. Let them know about Love and the Blessings that the Gods can give us.

Now sit with your children and tell them about Lughnasadh, while you light the brown candle. Tell them about the Sacrifice of the God, the harvesting of the grain and the passing of the year to the control of the Holly King. You could read them the Rede of the Harvest Lord.
Now have some fun and celebrate. Play some music and sing some chants. Raise some energy. One of the traditional songs for this time of the year goes:

Horned One, Lover, Son
Leaper in the Corn
Deep in the Mother
Die and be Reborn

After you are done with this take the time to break bread with your family and have each one tell what it is that they are thankful for. Be sure to leave a offering for the Gods when you are done.
Blessed Be!

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