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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lessons from a Father to his Children - Repost

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
What is it that a father should teach his children? I have stressed in previous articles about the importance of being a good father, but what exactly is it that makes someone a good father? We have covered how to be good men which leads to being a great father. But what is it that we should teach our children? What lessons are there that they need to learn?

The most important lesson a father can teach his children is love. We are a nation of people that have forgotten how to love. There is a Greek word, a'stor-gos, that embodies this. It translates roughly, to having no natural affection and suggests a lack of a love that should exist among family members, specifically between children and their parents. You can easily see how this leads to problems. This lack of affection and love has led to all of the crimes against our children by both parents and non-parents alike. Parents have stopped loving their kids and subsequently the kids have stopped loving and respecting their parents in return.

If the children are corrupted and wandering in the dark, then there is truly no hope for the future. Men need to step up and overcome their backgrounds and upbringing. To forgive themselves and learn to love themselves. For if we have love in our hearts than that love will spread to the other people around us in our life. If we as men can overcome our backgrounds and learn to love then we can teach this most important lesson to our children and stop the long cycle of self-hate, pity and loathing.

Yet this does not just include how we treat our children or the children of others it should include how we treat all of the women in our lives. For if the women, who raise our children, are messed up and have issues then how are they to help raise the children of the world?

One of the easiest ways to teach our children love is through spirituality. It really does not matter what it is that you believe in, as long as you believe in something and that it is rooted in love. Teach them that love is the center and root of all things good in this world. And that there is a deity out there that loves them regardless of who or what they are and with very little extra effort on your part than your children will learn about love.

If you can succeed in learning love and then in passing that lesson on to your children. You can begin to show them how to live in light and how to spread that light to the world around them. Kindness and compassion is the key to this. To have a smile and a kind word for your fellow man is the easiest gift that you can ever give.

Teach your children to do good deeds and to have compassion for those that deserve it and for those that will appreciate it. I am a conservative libertarian who does not believe in our entitlement welfare society. Rather I believe in teaching people how to grow food and how to make money, rather than teaching them to just sit by and wait for the powers to be to hand them a check or food. But if someone is in need of food or of help then I will help them if I can as long as I am able to take care of me and my own first. I do this because I understand that sometimes hard times fall on good people.

But people should first work hard to achieve something in their lives and to stop waiting for other people to care for them. This is the third lesson to teach children; self-independence. For if we could all learn how to live in love and to show light to the world around us and then learn how to take care of ourselves then the world would be a much better place indeed.

Now while these are the most important lessons to teach your children, they are also the hardest lessons to learn ourselves and the hardest lessons to teach our children. But no one ever said that being a father was an easy job.

Blessed Be!

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