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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pagan Prayers for Children - Revisited

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
After receiving a few comments on my last article on this topic I decided that I should revisit it.

I am a firm believe in the power of prayer. Not only to affect change but to further and strengthen our connection to the Divine. But with children, especially younger ones, it is tough for them to just adlib the words and the experience. So in their case I have found it to be easier to give them a 'script' so to speak.

So here are some prayers for children and links to sites with others.

Simple Prayer for saying Grace

Lord and Lady, watch over us,
and bless us as we eat.
Bless this food, this bounty of earth,
we thank you, so mote it be.

Bedtime Prayer
found on Beliefnet submitted by RevRaven

Now I lay me down to rest
Goddess guard my little nest
Like the wee bird in the tree
Lovely Goddess, care for me.

Above, below, and round about
Keep all evil spirits out
Bless those I love, and bless me too.
Dearest Goddess, I love you.

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