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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spirituallity Not Religion - Repost

Thursday, August 27, 2009
This an article that I wrote awhile back when I found this article. I had another article planned (don't remember what it was) but I figured that I could post at least one more time.  

This article points out the fact that children and tweens can benefit from spirituallity i.e. it makes them more happy, regardless of religious practices. To me this was common sense but I guess a scientific study was in order. This hearkens back to my blog post, earlier last year, that talked about how faith was more important than religion.

You can read the article, so I won't summarize it here. But I will say that if you have had doubts about introducing your children to Wicca or Paganism that this article may change your mind. Because even though the article stresses that religion is not important only spirituallity. For many of us Wicca and Paganism is one of the most spiritual religions that we know.

I am interested in your thoughts. So please comment below and share with all of us.

Blessed Be!

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