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Monday, August 30, 2010

Crafts for Mabon - Cornucopia

Monday, August 30, 2010
Decorating a cornucopia can be a fun activity that everyone in the household can enjoy. There area few things that you will need to make your own.
  • Cornucopia Basket
  • Straw
  • Different fruits, berries, gourds and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fallen Leafs
First you need to fill the back of the cornucopia with straw so that you don't have to fill the whole horn.
The next step involves laying the leafs as a base and then arranging the different fruit, gourds and vegetables in an eye-pleasing manner.
To decorate the inside, there are many different items that are appropriate to this Sabbat that you can use.
  • Miniature Pumpkins
  • Gourds
  • Small Apples
  • Pomegranates
  • Indian Corn
  • Cranberries
  • Grapes
You can use either real or fake items. Just be sure that you don't let the real stuff spoil.
Blessed Be!

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