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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bring Music to Your Child

Friday, October 22, 2010
I look around at the youths of today and they seem to have no appreciation for fine music. There are many benefits to music beyond the cultural ones though. According to Science Daily, music education also helps in language arts, mathematics and spatial reasoning.

I have heard this blamed on the rise of the mp3. With mp3 the music is so compressed that one loses the nuances of music, to compensate for this the music industry just cranks up the volume.

Now while this may very well contribute to this I think that a bigger influence is the parents. I say this because many parents of today only know of certain genres of music.

I am guilty of this to an extent as well. While I listen to a wide variety of music, or at the very least know of the different genres. I do not listen enough to tell you much about the music beyond what I like and don't like.

With the homeschooling of my youngest my wife and I have strived to introduce her to different music of different genres. From Big Band to the 50's to modern rock.

So this weekend crank up some older music. Either music that you love or maybe just pick something neither you nor your kids have listened to and clear some space for dancing and have fun. Your kids may start off looking at you funny but with a little encouragement they are likely to join in the fun.

Blessed Be!

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