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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lord of the Underworld

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
This is a repost from an earlier series on the different aspects of the God. But with Samhain being here this weekend I figured that it was appropriate to go back over this darker aspect.
Rede of the Lord of the Underworld

Hark and listen to my words. I who am Hades, Lord of the Underworld; who is Mars, God of War; Who has been the misshapen Blacksmith, Hephaestus. I am also the Holly King and the Lord of Shadows. The Boat Keeper Charon and he River Styx are also some of my incarnations. I am the Guide to and through the Underworld. I am the pair of the Crone and the Dark Mother.

I am the Darkness but I urge you not to fear me. War comes and yes it brings death and pain, but i also brings a chance for rebirth and renewed prosperity. The Underworld is the hidden part of the soul in every man and woman. The place where pain, hate and anger is locked away. Yet I am Lord of th is region and as such I can help you to tame this energy and use it for good. To change pain to pleasure - hate to love and anger to peace. So when you feel like all is against you then turn to me and I will aid you. I provide the power for you to help thyself.

As Hephaestus I am the protector of the outcasted people and the Unloved. For often the most beautiful comes from those with the greatest physical beauty, do you not agree? For beautiful art and other things created comes not from the body but from the heart and soul and mind. So worry not when the world laughs and jeers at you, stay strong and I will send you friends.

And if Winter has come to your life, do not be unhappy. For Winter is a time of rest and a chance for your life or the Earth to become fertile again. Just think of how fast things grow when the Spring comes and melts the snow.

And Have Heart.

Anubis, the Jackal God of the Egyptians is a good example of the power of this aspect. Even though he was shunned and made fun of by the Romans his worship continued at least until the second century in Rome.
As the God of dying and later of death, he was the guide of the souls through the veil. And as such he was known and prayed to as the protector of lost souls, such as orphans. Anubis was also the weigher of souls and this makes him a god of judgement as well.

The lame smith God of the Greeks Hephaestus is my favorite God that falls into this aspect. His lesson is that you can be unpopular and not have good looks but still be in great need. The myths tell us that he was given the hand of Aphrodite because of his great crafting skill.
In fact his skill was in such demand that he wound up making most of the necessary items of legend for the other Gods and Heroes of old.
Hermes' winged helmet and sandals, the Aegis breastplate, Aphrodite's famed girdle, Agamemnon's staff of office, Achilles' armor, Heracles' bronze clappers, Helios' chariot, the shoulder of Pelops, and Eros' (Cupid) bow and arrows.

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