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Monday, October 3, 2011

Samhain Traditions -- Mute Supper

Monday, October 3, 2011
I have had the pleasure of making some new friends in the last few months. It is another family and this Samhain the plan is to gather before ritual and feast together. Much like our ancestors did long before. With this being the third harvest, the harvest of the herds, it would most likely be their last chance for a large celebration until Yule with long, cooped up, winter months between them.

Also, much like those who celebrated this Sabbat in days long ago, at this feast there will be an extra setting for our Ancestors. Before we eat we will say a prayer honoring and inviting the ancestors to come and join us for the period of the meal. This is called a Mute Supper and is probably one of the most common traditions in modern Paganism at this Sabbat. While there are no set rules for this tradition, our Mute Supper has never been solemn. We believe in honoring the dead through laughter and drink. A lot like an Irish wake. But of course your Supper can be solemn if that is what works for you.

But either way take the time this Samhain to lay out a supper for the dead. Honor your ancestors with this tradition. Maybe you have some stories that you can share with your kids about those that have passed on and are no longer with us.

In addition here is a sample prayer that you can use to honor the Ancestors;

Hail to the Ancestors!
Those who have gone before us,
We pray to you tonight to join us,
So that we may honor you at this feast,
Bring us your wisdom and watch over us.

Blessed Be!

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