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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Outside and Respect Nature!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Most people, I think, would agree that there is little that is more awe-inspiring then a sunset or sunrise. So this is probably the easiest lesson to teach your children. To love the world around them; the deep forest, the blue waters, the flash of lightning and the fall of rain.

I am blessed that the area around where I live is full of wildlife. Sometimes I have to drive an hour to the deep woods but even then that is worth it because of the deer and the calmness away from the city. This is also something that I can teach to my oldest, Juliet, that the world around us is sacred and must be both respected and taken care of.

Both of children exclaim in wonder as they see the moon rise over the trees, full and bright. I have started Juliet with an interest in astronomy. Which by the way is a great investment, meaning it costs little to begin and provides hours of fun with no extra cost. She loves to watch the moon and the planets. The youngest, Lassair, does not have the attention span for it but I let her look if she wants.
Both of my children enjoy camping and the oldest enjoys fishing. Whenever I take them they talk for days about all the stuff that they saw and did.

It is so easy for any of us, even Pagans, to get a disconnect from the natural world. Yeah we see the moon rise and maybe even plot its phases, but when do we actually go outside civilization and really experience Mother Earth. It is one of my goals in life to go out to the Southwest or somewhere that is remote enough for me to actually see the Milky Way and all the stars the way the ancients did.

So I challenge you to get off your chair and take your kids outside, and if you don't have kids, go by yourself. Take a walk, it'll do you good, breath some fresh air and listen for the birds. Sometimes their music is better than the music on the radio.

Blessed Be!

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