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Friday, November 12, 2010

Take Your Kids to the Kitchen

Friday, November 12, 2010
Happy Saturday! To continue on my series on reconnecting with your family this Holiday Season we return to spending time with your children. Today I wanted to encourage you to cook and then eat your creation with your kids.

It seems that some of the most popular posts on this blog are on recipes. So I know that a lot of you already cook, but how many of you include your kids and teach them how to do the same?

This can be an educational experience for the children as well as a bonding one. Not only will they learn to cook but they will learn about measuring and counting and even fractions.

What you cook isn't important. What is, is how much fun you and the kids have. Whether you bake, fry or fricassee bring your kid along (maybe not let the younger ones take a turn at frying) and enjoy.

And the best part? Well, it is the eating of said creation. My kids get very disappointed when we don't cook. They like fast food but like home cooked meals the best.

Blessed Be and Happy Cooking/Baking!

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