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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love and Kind-Heartedness

Thursday, November 12, 2009
As we continue on my latest series, on Raising Children in the Old Ways
This is probably the hardest and easiest lesson to teach anyone, especially children. Easiest because it is easy to tell your children to love and to be kind. The hardest because you do not only have to show children love and always strive to be kind, but you have to teach them how and when to show compassion, and not pity.

Children are naturally kind and loving, such is the nature of innocence, but naivety is often times taken advantage of by the cruel. This is the lesson that must be taught; when to be kind and when to be stern.

I strive with my children to always show them love. My best friend when he lived with us in the beginning of this year, commented one day that he had never heard the words, "I love you", as many times in one hour as in my house. To me this was the most heart-warming thing I had ever heard.

Now I do admit that we say it often, but we really do mean it. It is in my opinion that parents must show love not only to their children but to each other. For parents to show love, they can't only just say it they must show it. Whether through little gifts or through activities. Yet be careful that your children don't associate love with the receiving of gifts. I instead choose to do activities with my children and include them in many things that I do. My oldest one totally and absolutely enjoys her time with me in the kitchen. Yes I cook, I know hard to imagine, a grown male cooking but I do. I have taken the oldest one fishing and plan on taking the littlest one when she gets old enough.

The best advice I can give anyone on this topic is open your eyes wide and pay attention. Take advantage of every moment available to spend time with your children. Every opportunity that arises show your children how to show compassion and kindness. Talk to them as you would adults. Speak candidly about the things you do (how candid is dependent on the age and maturity of the children) so that they know why you do what you do and why you make some of the decisions that they make. Remember the children are always watching and always listening, even when you think they are not, so always show kindness and love if that is what you wish for your children to show.

Blessed Be!

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