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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love and Recognize the Goddess and God

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Immanent deity. In my opinion this is the greatest thing about the pagan faiths. There is no feeling like the feeling of being in the arms of the Goddess and God. I try hard to include this in the rituals that I have led. And I will try just as hard to show this to my youngest child, Lassair, (the oldest one being Christian this probably won't work). She knows about the Goddess and God already. We have told her that the Goddess lives in the Moon and the God in the Sun.

With the death of a good friend of the family, me and my wife decided that being candid was probably the best course to take. So we told Lassair that Marge had died and had gone home to the Goddess. This consoled her and she was, if not happy, at least she was not sad.

While she is not old enough to understand immanence of deity, I am starting with recognition. Once they know what the Goddess and God represents then they can learn to know who They are. This is the essence of raising a pagan child. For it is this inherent knowledge of the Deity that defines pagans as such.

Right now we are listening to music, and Lassair's favorite song is "Freya, Shakti", by Emerald Rose. She sings, some of it at least, and bounces all over the room trying to dance. This is another way that I try to show Lassair about the Gods. For can not the Gods be found in music and dance? This song can be found on the following album Bending Tradition.

So remember to tell your children about the Gods and about the old stories.

Blessed Be!
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