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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teaching Children Paganism and the Wheel of the Year

Thursday, November 19, 2009
As many of you know I have been rerunning a series this past month on Raising a Child in the Old Ways. But today I looked back at my previous post and was actually dissatisfied with what I had written. Of course much has changed in the last two years, since I wrote that post.

So instead I figured I would share links to some of my other relevant posts along with some of my thoughts.

This blog is all about teaching your children the Wheel of the Year and raising them as Pagans, so there is an abundance of info on how to do just that. But that material is not enough. What is lacking is parents taking the first step and just including your children in your spirituality.

Over the last year I have had many parents (either through FWTI or through this blog) ask me on how to teach their children their faith. And while my answers have been vague and very general this is done with a purpose. Wicca and Paganism is not about dogma or "right or wrong". Rather it is more about intuition and emotion.

So my advice to all Pagan parents is to just start. Whether it is just lighting a candle with them or telling them stories and the myths of the Old Gods. Or other simple activities to celebrate the Sabbats, all the way up to full fledged rituals.

In my family we try to do the Family (Full) Moons and to at least commemorate the Sabbats if we can't do ritual. With conflicting schedules my wife and I can't always be there to do a ritual with the whole family. But this doesn't make us bad parents or bad Pagans, our intent is good and that is all that matters.

Over the last few months I have picked up many subscribers and I want to say Thank You for all the comments, either here or on Facebook or email. And I hope that you continue to stay with me in the years to come as I continue this blog. After Thanksgiving (can you believe it is less then a week away?) I will start on the Yule Season. So if you haven't already please subscribe.

Blessed Be!

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