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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creed of Your Family Coven

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10This is a repost from late 2009.
With this year nearly done, it may be time for all of us to reexamine our families. In the newsletter I ran a while back on Creating a Stronger and More Spiritual Pagan Family this was one of the articles that was included. It is all about creating a Family Motto or Creed that all agree to live by. It, along with your Ethical Code, act as a guide for the parents in raising their kids. So as promised here is the article, hope you enjoy.

The Creed of my Family Coven is just four lines:
May we learn to live in love and walk in the light
So that we may have strength and show truth
And that as we receive power and blessings
So do we offer up thanksgivings
If we take a closer look at this, we will see that it is far more complex then it looks on first glance. The first line is about living a life of universal love, for the family and for the world at large. Spirituality should always be based in love, anything else is false and full of ego. The second half talks about walking in the light. To us this means never doing anything deceitful, or anything that we feel we have to hide away or be ashamed of.

The second line comes from the first. If we follow the first line then we will naturally live an ethical life (truth) and have the strength to do what is right, even when it is difficult. But this is also a reminder that if we fail to be truthful or live an unethical life, that we fail in the first line as well.

Next we come to the third line, the one that upsets the most people when I talk about this. They assume that we or I am seeking power as my end goal. But they fail to take into account the other two lines preceding this one. This power comes with a catch; abuse it and you are not living in love or walking in the light or showing truth, and then the power evaporates. We must use this power, of influence and in some cases magick, to affect positive change in the world around us. This involves doing charity work and giving back. This line also talks about receiving blessings as well, I have found that living a good life, while a blessing in itself, usuallly leads to a blessed life.

My Family Coven's Creed ends with the reminder to offer up thanks for all the bounty that we have received. It is implicit that we do this no matter how large our troubles, because even then we should have something to be thankful, even if it is just our family.

Now that I have shown an example of what this Creed looks like I figured I would pose some questions to help you work on yours.
  • What is a Family? Here you are looking for specifics, not a dictionary definition. Think more like what you what your family to look like. What is the ideal family?
  • How do you want the members of your Family Coven to treat each other? What should their relationships be like?
  • What are the responsiblities of the members of the Family Coven? FWTI talks about Mother/Wife Priestess and Father/Husband Priest. Think in terms of this. What are mothers/wifes, fathers/husbands supposed to do or supposed to be like?
  • How can our family contribute to the the world at large, to society?
  • If you have children, then you could ask the question; What kind of parent(s) do you want to be?
I wanted to close with a final bit of advice, remember to listen with respect and take everyone's opinion in mind when doing this. One person alone cannot create the Creed of his Family Coven, the whole family must be included in this. Even the young children (provided they are old enough to talk that is) should be included.

Blessed Be!

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