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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

God of the Week -- Holly King

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
OK so this is more of an aspect then a specific deity but it is probably one of the most worshiped aspects at this time of the year.

I saw a discussion the other day on whether Santa Claus can be used as a deity. Some thought that since he was close to Saint Nicholas that he was a Christian Saint and therefore could not be or at the very least they did not fell comfortable in doing that. But I took it a step farther because all the Saints are just re-characterization of the more ancient Pagan Deities. What I was speaking of was the aspect of the Holly King.

About eight years ago I was at a public Yule ritual that had an older man dressed as the woodland Santa. His job was to portray the Holly King in the ritual and read the story of the Night Before Yule. So maybe it is because of that I see the two as one and the same.

All of this being said, what and who else is the Holly King? What is his game and his purpose?

He is Jupiter, streaking across the sky. He is Cronos, or Old Man Time. He is Odin on his eight-legged horse.

While He is responsible for the winter season and the suffering of the Goddess and the Earth. He is also responsible for bringing us gifts and the Earth a much needed and deserved rest.

So turn to him in this time of reflection and give thanks for that chance to breathe. And if you feel that you can't take the time, then slow down and ask him for that time. But don't let this resting time be a period of laziness. Instead let it be a time for renewal and rebirth.

As you saw in my children's story this past week, he is also the gift giver. And while it is to make up for his wrongdoings it also serves its purpose in the grand scheme of things. 

But enough of my thoughts. What do you all think of the Holly King? Do you call him in your circles at this Sabbat? Am I off base on my concept of Santa Claus being a personification of him? Let's start some discussion. 

Blessed Be!

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