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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Attracting Faeries to Your Garden

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Planting a Faery Garden

Whether you set aside part of your yard or just a corner of your porch or balcony. There are many options for you in what you can choose to plant. In addition to flowers and the such you should also consider adding a small fountain, low bird bath, waterfall or fishpond to attract fairies. Focus on the area around the water garden and work your way out from there. Garden statues of fairies will also help attract the wee ones. In addition you can add shiny wind chimes, gazing globes and colorful garden flags to help to entice gnomes and elves to add their presence.

Don’t forget that the wee ones are nature loving and enjoy their fun. When attracting fairies into your garden make sure to keep it clear of weeds and slugs, although a small patch that is unkempt or planted with wildflowers is fine.
  • BLUEBELLS: Faeries are summoned to their midnight revels and dances by the ringing of these tiny flowers.
  • FERNS: Pixie faeries are especially fond of ferns. One story tells of a young woman who accidentally sat on a fern, and instantly a faery man appeared and forced her to promise to watch over his faery son and remain in Faeryland for a year and a day. Ferns make nice soft beds for the little guys.
  • FOXGLOVE: The name "foxglove" came from the words "folk's glove." Folks referred to little people, or faeries. One legend says that faeries gave the blossoms to foxes to wear as gloves so they would not get caught raiding the chicken coop. According to another legend, if you picked foxglove, you would offend the faeries. And if the faeries stole your baby, the juice of the foxglove would help to get it back. In some stories, foxglove appears as a faery's hat. Foxglove can sometimes heal and sometimes hurt. It is a poisonous plant, but it is also used as medicine to treat heart disease.
  • HEATHER lights the flame of fairy passions and may open the gates between the fairy world and our own.
  • PANSIES: These may be used in fairy love potions.
  • POPPIES: These will bring faeries into your dreams.
  • PRIMROSES: Primroses are one key into faeryland. There is a German legend about a little girl who found a doorway covered in flowers, and when she touched it with a primrose, the door opened up, leading into an enchanted faery castle.
  • RAGWORT, CABBAGE STALKS, GRASS and STRAW: All of these were used by faeries for transportation in the same manner as a witch uses a broom.
  • ROSES: The sweet smell and soft petals of roses attract faeries to your garden. A popular love spell uses roses. Sprinkle rose petals under your feet and dance on them softly while asking the Faery for a blessing on your magic
  • SAFFRON CROCUS: The stamens from this fall flowering crocus constitute the herb saffron. Any food prepared with saffron is a favorite faery food. Saffron used as a dye will turn cloth a royal gold. Such cloth is very valuable to faeries.
  • THYME: Wear a sprig of thyme to increase your ability to see the wee ones. Thyme may also be planted by the doors and windows of your house to invite the fairies to come inside.
  • TULIPS: The faeries like to use the tulip bloom to put their babies to bed.
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Planning a smaller area on your Porch or Patio

The first step is to create an area that is private and shielded from view by the casual passerby. Whether you use an oriental screen or a trellis with climbing flowers such as morning glory or moonflowers growing on it, the idea is just to create seclusion.
You can still plant some flowers such as mugwort or foxglove. And a small vessel of water or a fountain. It may be easier to build the area in a corner with the fountain as the center piece.

Tell your children some of the stories as you plant them and keep them involved in the uptake and care of the flowers. It will help to teach them responsibility.

Blessed Be!

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