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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book of Shadows for Children

Thursday, September 8, 2011
We all should know what a Book of Shadows is but just in case; a Book of Shadows is a compilation of a witches rituals, beliefs, poetry, recipes etc. It doesn't have to be hand-written, although it often is, for it can be kept on a computer or even printed out.

Yet in the case of children, small children especially, the written or printed word means little if they can't read it. How many small children do you know that can sit still for long time to read long passages. So what other options are there for the very young in building a Book of Shadows?

You can include pagan coloring pages or drawings of their own. If you have the luxury of woods nearby then you can take a nature walk and press leaves for the children to keep in their Book of Shadows, especially at this time of the year. Or you can include pictures of the rituals that they have been in or drum circles that they have visited.

Now onto the older children. They oftentimes are able to sit for longer periods and have longer attention spans. So for them you can include small poems or prayers or daily devotions If they are old enough then you can include the text for the family rituals and even small personal rituals.

It may also be a good idea to build several Book of Shadows. One for each of the kids that grows with them and then one for the family as a whole that all the members of the family get to have input on.
If you go the path of a family Book of Shadows then you should include family rituals and traditions. Include instructions on various craft projects and correspondences for both magick and decoration. Maybe even include simple home remedies also.

Let your imagination be your guide. Listen and take to heart ideas and suggestions from your children. Make a weekly or monthly event out of it. Have all the family sit around and talk about it. This will also aid in building and strengthening the family bonds.

Blessed Be!

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