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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wicca For Kids - Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Gerald Gardner is the man that founded the religion of Wicca. It is his early books and teachings that is the basis for all that we do today. Initiated into the New Forest Coven in 1939 he soon went out on his own and begin to add to the teachings that he was given, creating what was later known as Gardernerian Wicca.

Later, with some hesitation, he initiated a woman named Doreen Valiente into the Craft. She later became the High Priestess of his coven and helped him to rewrite his Book of Shadows, making it into what we see and some of us practice today. This led to her being called the 'Mother of Modern Witchcraft' by Dr Leo Ruickbie.

Doreen was the author of the famous Charge of the Goddess and Charge of the God. Both of which have helped to shape Modern Wicca as well.

I have chosen to take time this week to talk, albeit in brief, about the founders of the modern Wiccan/Pagan movement. There are some I will leave out due to constraint on time, but I am always open to adding them later if their is enough demand.

Blessed Be!

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