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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wicca for Kids - Grounding and Children - Tree Exercise

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
It has been my experience that many Pagans need to learn to ground. Now don't think I am saying that this is a bad thing, it is simply a result of a lack of teachers and the fact that you can only learn so much from a book. This applies even more to children, especially the younger ones. They are just learning to work with energy and subsequently grounding becomes even more important.

Here is something you can do with your children after ritual is the tree exercise. This simple but fun exercise will help you and your children to get grounded and centered.

First have them stand and put their feet firmly on the ground. Tell them that they are going to imagine being a tree.

Next have them raise their arms and stretch really high. Tell them that their arms are the branches. And then blow out your breath saying that it is the wind. And ask them to sway like a tree in gentle breeze. Say that trees pull their strength and food from the Sun and the Earth. Ask them to imagine the sun shining on them, unless it is daytime and you are outside. In that case just have them turn their faces up with closed eyes and feel the sun warm their faces and bodies.

Now tell them to wiggle their toes and feel the Earth, solid, beneath them. Have them imagine the Energy and strength flowing up through their feet and into their bodies. Ask them if they feel any stronger. This may take some practice for your kids to get down to get down, especially if they are real young. But stick with it and you will see some great results, I promise.

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