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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Children, Ritual and Small Spaces

Thursday, March 24, 2011
This is a repost from around this time last year. Hope you enjoy.

While I am blessed with a house and a yard, I know that many live in apartments and cities where they can't just go to the local park and do ritual with their kids. So what is a busy parent to do?

I posed this question on Facebook earlier and got some great responses. (Any more are welcome here, just comment away) So I wanted to share some of those responses and my own thoughts as well.

Some of the greatest rituals I have done have been in limited space. So if you can remember that sometimes all the 'trappings' are unnecessary you will be able to do ritual in small spaces.

Casting Circle

Stand in a circle and have everyone join hands and close their eyes. Then have them visualize energy moving in a circle from person to person in this circle. Slowly expand this circle out into an area around you. This doesn't necessarily have to be the area that you are planning on doing ritual in, you could cover the whole house if you want. Although if you have family that is not participating, this may not work for you.

Calling Elements

This is where the suggestion from Facebook comes into this. Janet suggested that you run in place to call fire, make swimming motions for water, blowing hard for air, and sitting still for earth. While I haven't had a chance to try this out, I think that these are really great ideas.

Calling the Goddess and God

With my youngest one when we do this, I tell her about the aspects that we are going to be working with. By doing this I focus our attention on the Lady and Lord, with a little energy this works well to draw Them to us.

Ritual Content

Another suggestion from Janet was to have ritual around a table with everyone sitting. This would solve the issue of space but you could also stand in a circle, with joined hands, and talk about the ritual theme and raise any energy for magick that you have planned.

As you can see there are many easy ways to hold ritual and raise a spiritual child even if you only have a small place to work in. Again I would like to hear any suggestions that you have.

Blessed Be!

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