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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ostara Bunny

Monday, March 8, 2010
Yesterday I talked about one of the most iconic symbols of Ostara, the painted egg. Today I wanted to talk about one of the other iconic symbols of this Sabbat, the Ostara Bunny.
The sacredness of hares and eggs at this time of the year lead back to second century C.E. (Common Era) in Europe. Where there was a raucous fertility festival celebrated by the Saxons in honor of the Goddess Eostre. Lost to history is the knowledge of this Goddess. But there are some references to her from that time period. That she was a Pagan fertility Goddess; That her sacred symbols were the hare and the egg.
The egg, and the hare for that matter, also go back much further to different Goddesses throughout history. The hare with different moon Goddesses and the egg with fertility and also as a solar symbol.
Now that we have established the origin of the sacredness of the symbols, how did we go from Eostre to the Easter Bunny? Well for that answer we must go forward from the Saxons almost 1500 years to Germany.
It was here and when that children looked forward to a visit from Oschter Haws, a rabbit that laid colored eggs in nests of grass for children to find. This then came to America via the Pennsylvania Dutch, who were actually the Deutsch, or Germans.
So if you had any doubts about the Easter Bunny, or rather the Ostara Bunny, I hope that they are all gone. Tell your children about Oschter Haws and have them expecting colored eggs and maybe some chocolate come Ostara morning.

Blessed Be!

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