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Monday, April 18, 2011

Beltane Crafts - Faerie Chair

Monday, April 18, 2011
I had something else planned for today's post but I am currently in the midst of fixing my laptop. So instead I am going to post this unique garden craft that I found.

Faerie Chair

You'll need the following items:
  • An old wooden chair
  • Some primer paint
  • Exterior paint in your favorite Faerie color(s)
  • Polyeurethane or sealant
  • Seeds for a climbing flower, such as morning glory or clematis
  • A sunny spot in your garden
To make this cute outdoor project, start by applying a coat of primer paint to the chair. It's really easiest if this is in white or another light color. Next, apply a coat of your favorite Fae-attracting color -- pastels look very pretty, such as lavenders or sunny yellows. Decorate the chair with designs in acrylic paints if you like. Once the paint has dried, apply a coat or two of polyeurethane to protect the chair from the elements.
Find a sunny spot in your garden, and loosen the soil a bit. Place the chair where you want it, but be sure that it's the right spot, because it's going to become a permanent fixture. Once the chair is in place, plant seeds around the base of the chair, just a few inches away from the legs.
Water the soil each day, and as your climbing plants appear, twine the vines up through the legs of the chair and around it. Pretty soon, you'll have a chair covered with leafy greens and bright flowers. It's the perfect place for your kids to spot a Faerie!

I almost forgot to put in the teaser for this summer's upcoming project. Why is it that Christians get Vacation Bible School? What about us Pagans?

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