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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Is The Most Important Thing We Can Be Part Of

Sunday, April 11, 2010
The way I normally go about preparing to blog is to look ahead on my calendar on which I have preplanned all the blog posts until the next Sabbat. But looking back I had much more traffic when I was posting on things that relate directly to issues that we as parents face. Whether it is teaching the children the Craft or tips on reconnecting with our family. So in instead of my normal post I wanted to put together an article in that vein. 

Family is one the most important institutions that has ever graced the Earth. It gives us a vehicle to pass on our legacy to the next generation. But a family that isn't close is nearly as bad as not having one. What I mean to say is if you are in a family full of strife and conflict then what legacy and lesson are you passing on to your children?

But with our busy lives, full of early rising, traffic jams, busy days trapped in offices. Followed by more traffic jams, late dinners (often unhealthy) and late bedtimes. So with all of that how are we supposed to connect with our family? 

Every family is different so the answers will vary as much as the families are different. But the one thing I can advocate is a life of simplicity. In my house we don't have cable television and we eat simple (but healthy meals). I know that this can be difficult at best, we are truly creatures of habit. But if you could cut back on just one day and spend that day doing something with the family it would make a world of difference. Whether it is family dinner, or a picnic in the park. For that matter you can just take a small walk around the neighborhood. It's good for your health as well. 

Yet as I said there is more then one way to reconnect with your family. So I would love to hear what you all do to bring your families closer together. Comment Below.

Blessed Be!

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