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Monday, May 9, 2011

8 Habits of Highly Effective Parents - They Are Involved

Monday, May 9, 2011
So far in this series I have talked about being present and patient and on the importance of listening and hearing your children. Today I wanted to talk about actually being involved. So many parents I know don't spend enough time engaging with their children. They take them to events and sporting matches and leave the kids there but they fail to make themselves part of the children's lives.

Now I know that this is tough when they reach the teenage years but we need to at the very least make the effort. Whether they show it or not, the really do appreciate it. The reasons for this are multi-fold;

  • Studies show that children with involved parents do better in school and stay out of trouble more often
  • Through them we can oftentimes better learn right from wrong
  • We will be better able to spot crises long before they become a problem and can act to help prepare our children on how to deal with them
The question that can arise from this is, "Where do I find the time?"

There is no single answer to this. Instead you can focus on quality, rather then quantity. A single involved minute, where you are present can be better then an hour of your distracted time. Which is often just you and the kids in the same room, yet at the same time a million miles away from each other. 

So take some time with your kids, take them out for a picnic or maybe their favorite activity. Engage in some play and have some fun. They will wind up thanking you for it. 

Blessed Be

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