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Sunday, May 15, 2011

8 Habits of Highly Effective Parents - They Show Love

Sunday, May 15, 2011
Just three simple words, but books of meaning. They Show Love. Nothing is more powerful then the love from a parent for their child. So many articles about this topic tend to fill themselves full of cliches and I made a promise, to myself, not to do that. Since I made that promise you are going to have to bear with me as I try to explain Love and its importance without the use of cliches.

If you look back at the other 7 Habits of Highly Effective Parents you will see that they are all summed up and reliant upon this final Habit, as well as each other.

Since we Love we choose to be Present and attend to our children. To not just be a parent who is there and doesn't act like they care, or show Love. It is our Love that allows us to be Patient and understanding with our children. And it is that which allows us to Listen without anger and with great Patience.

We are involved in our children's lives also because we Love them. We want that Love to pass down to the next generation so we Build Traditions and memories. It is this reason that we also strive to be Always Teaching, so that they can learn all they can to be the best that they can.

Like it brings patience and understanding, Love brings us a Sense of Humor and the ability to show this to our Children. To have that Rubber Fish just around the corner.  You know that ability to bring the humor that makes everything better.

Love really is the most important Habit of Highly Effective Parents. Without it the whole idea of parenting becomes kind of pointless and ineffective. Love is what makes us care to have children and to raise them into well-adjusted and complete adults.

So to answer the question I asked back at the beginning of this series; Yes, I think that I can call myself an effective parent. I have two great children that I think will turn into even better adults.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey of introspection. I would love to hear any thoughts that you all have on these 8 Habits.

Blessed Be!

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