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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Children and the Element of Water

Sunday, February 5, 2012
Now in this series we move into the element of Water. Up to this point we have talked about Air and Fire, in relation to introducing those elements to children. 

Water is the third step in any elemental journey. It lies in the West, the direction of the sunset and endings. It rules our deep emotions, those things that move us deeply.

The following exercise can be held at any time, but I recommend the evening. Since that is the coolest part of the day and the marking of the end of the fiery heat of the day.

Lay out your altar with a blue cloth and decorate it with symbols of Water. You can put on a chalice or a cauldron or both. Put statues or drawings of aquatic animals on there as well. Maybe even a pet fish, if you have one. 

To start, help your children find their pulse. Tell them that that steady beat is the flowing of their blood and the pumping of their hearts. This should show them that as we have Air and Fire in us, we have Water as well.

Now cast circle. And invoke in the element of Water. A sample invocation could be;

I stand in the West and invoke the Element of Water
I call the powers of evening and the cool depths of the ocean
Come and attend to us, let us know your presence

Now all can sit and meditate on the energy of Water that you have called to circle. Help your children to become comfortable and familiar with the element of Water. Ask them questions like;
  • Is it male or female?
  • Are the energies fast or slow?
  • Do you see any colors?
  • Or have any impressions at all?
Just let them talk and see what comes of it.

The purpose of this exercise is to let the child become comfortable with the energies of the element, so that at some point, when they call the Quarters, they will be able to know what energies to invoke.

When you are done you can bid farewell to the Element of Water. Again here is a sample devocation;

I return to the West to the Element of Water
To offer thanks for your presence this night
And to bid you Hail and Farewell!

When you are ready you can close circle. Make sure that you take time for any more questions and for everyone to eat something small so that they can be properly grounded.

Now this is just one of the Elements. Over the next few weeks I am going to cover the elements of Earth and Spirit. So make sure you subscribe, if you haven't already and stay tuned. I would love to hear any feedback so that I can fine tune the coming articles.

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