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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Circle Casting and Children

Thursday, February 9, 2012
I've been reposting my series on explaining Elements to children. To help with today's article I am going to post an excerpt from that article.

Tell them that when we do ritual we cast a circle made of spirit around us. It separates from our world, where we have to go to work or do chores and takes us to a magickal place. And in circle we call the Four Elements as watchtowers to watch over us and protect us while we honor the Gods.

If you feel that your children are old enough then you can take this time to continue to talk about spirit. Take their hands and create a "circuit" of energy between the two of you. In other words send them energy and then feel it return to you. Ask them if they feel anything and if so what does it feel like. Is it hot or tingly or anything like that?
Then tell them, if they can feel it, that is spirit as well. Tell them that that is the energy that we use to cast circle and to work magick and to heal. Go back to my post on ethics and tell them that this energy must be used responsibly. 
Ask them next if they would like to send you some energy. If so then let them. After you are done make sure you take some time for snack time. So they can properly ground.
Now grounding can wait until after today's exercise is finished. But if they are able to feel and send the energy, and be patient it may take a few times, then you can move onto casting Circle.

With help my youngest, she is almost eight now, cast circle the last Full Moon. She used her own athame and walked the circle sunwise imagining a beam of energy going out the tip of her athame and forming a circle around her.

If you try this out or are already doing, I would love to hear your experiences. So please comment below.

Blessed Be!

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