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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introducing Children to Spirit

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
This elusive and hard to define element has went by many different names. From Akasha to simply the Great Spirit. It represents the ethereal planes and while separate then the other elements it encompasses them.

Normally honored in the center of the Circle. It is symbolized by the spiral, much like the Milky Way Galaxy and the color of white.

Yet since it is so abstract this element can be hard to fully and properly explain to children. But when I explained this to my daughter, I put it in terms of one's own spirit and soul.

But if you want to cast a circle and then invoke it you can use the following invocation (or of course use your own);

I stand in the center of the Circle
And call up the Great Spirit of Creation
The spark of Life found in our spirit and soul
Come and join us in this circle

Now have your children sit and meditate on the element of Spirit.

When done you can use this devocation;

Love and Blessings we return to you
Great Spirit we Bid you Hail and Farewell

Blessed Be!

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