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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summertime Activities - Camping

Sunday, June 12, 2011
I know that a portion of the States are in the middle of summer heat, but some places actually can only camp in the summer. Can you tell I'm jealous of the cooler weather?

Camping is one of those activities that provide many different opportunities for family bonding. From hikes and watching the sun set or rise, to bird watching or the occasional deer. Both of my kids really enjoy the time that we spend camping.

Yet for those who have never camped before, where to start can be confusing. A lot of first timers over complicate things, both in what they bring and what they attempt to try and do for activities. For those people I have tried to put together a list to help you out.

First What to Bring
  1. Tent - If you have little ones then you are going to want to buy a tent large enough for all of you. I have found that when they say eight it is more like six comfortably. My kids roll around a lot. 
  2. Camp Stove - And don't forget the fuel. While cooking over the fire sounds like fun, it is easy to get burnt.
  3. Sleeping Bags - Buy for the temperatures you are likely to experience on your trip
  4. Blankets - Just in case you get colder at night.
  5. Pillows - It is my experience that the ground is not usually soft.
  6. Food and Drink - Aim for simple things. Canned food and anything other then chicken or thick roasts work as well. You could also pack marshmallows and things for smores.
  7. Utensils (both for cooking and for eating) - I haver forgotten these things many times. 
  8. Paper Plates and Napkins - Again I have forgotten these and always regret it. 
  9. At least two Frying Pans - In case you drop one. Or if you plan on two courses
  10. Flashlights - For those late night trips to the bathroom or tree.
  11. Cooler - And ice. You have to keep the food from spoiling and the drinks from getting warm.
  12. Matches - And newspaper or dryer lint or firestarters. 
  13. Toilet Paper - For those less then civilized camping sites

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