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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Children and Ritual Tools

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
While looking around for information on Lughnasadh I came across a reference to preparing one's tools for the season and that got me to thinking about children and ritual tools. And I wanted to put some thoughts out there and see what your thoughts are as well, on this topic.

Now let me preface this by saying that, while I own tools, I do not regularly use tools in my practice. I tend to be more organic and feel burdened by tools. But that being said I feel that it is important for all newcomers to the Craft, including children, to be introduced to the use and purposes of ritual tools. Now as I always say, the age of the child will determine when they are ready for the use of certain tools, but even the youngest (well almost) can be ready for some of the tools of the Craft. I have found that having these tools help the children to learn about ritual practice more easily. This is because they serve as focal points to keep their attention on the matter of hand.

The athame is probably the one tool that I worry most about with children. I mean it is sometimes sharp and normally has a point. My kids, like other kids, have a tendency to run and running with pointy things usually ends bad. But my youngest, she is six, has an athame and does quite well with it. Yet even still I usually put it up and only let her use it to cast circle. Better safe, then sorry, right?

Next we come to the wand. This tool is something that children can make as a fun activity. Look for that post in the following week as well as a consecration ritual for children. But a small stick fitted to their hand can help them when they are ready to call in the elements. Or to serve as a focus on raising energy for spell work.

I know that there are many other tools that I have not mentioned, but until they begin to do ritual on their own they can more readily use the family tools. This includes things like the besom and the chalice or cauldron and the pentacle disk. Although my daughter has these as well, since she has a small altar in her bedroom. So this depends on your own situation and space available and of course upon the child as well.

Like I said at the beginning I would love to hear your thoughts on children and ritual tools. Do your kids have them and if so what are their and your, experiences with them?

Blessed Be!

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