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Monday, July 18, 2011

Spend Time With Your Family

Monday, July 18, 2011
In times past this upcoming Harvest was a time for families to reconnect. So in that vein I wanted to offer this repost from last year.

My advice for today is, "Just spend time with your Family." A strong family is one that spends time together.

I have seen research that said that one in ten families only spend time together when they watch television. This should not be the case, it is OK to have family TV night but let us make an effort for that to not be the only time we interact with our families.

As I write this the perseid meteor shower is approaching its second night. And while the weather was and probably will continue to be cloudy, we did and do have good intentions of dragging ourselves outside and see what we could see.

But this is not your only option, when the weather gets cooler here in Florida, we go and camp and fish and just hike. This past year we started picnics with the dogs and plan on starting again in a couple of months. And for those that live in a major city or not near the wilderness, take a look at parks or other free activities in your city. Not that there is a problem with paying for activities but to me free is always better.

Another great activity is family game tonight. Go find a board game and gather the family around see who can have the most fun. Or you can take your kids into the kitchen and bake a cake or even just make dinner. My kids argue over who is going to help me in the kitchen. Not only does this provide them essential life skills it furthers strengthens the bonds between us.

All of this may take a little planning but the benefits far outweigh any trouble.

For starters those benefits include helping to make children feel important, especially if you leave the phone, office, work etc. at home when you go to spend time with them. We live in a very busy and very connected world. One in which we hardly ever are distant from anything. So not only do we need this disconnect time, our children need it as well.

Also if we spend time with our family, or any group of people, we begin to 'harmonize' and get in sync with them. This is often times seen in workplaces where teams of people churn out amazing products or ideas on a regular basis. But this is not something that is often seen in familial units. And it is sorely needed in these turbulent times.

So today or this next weekend, take some time out and take your family out as well. Disconnect from the world and watch the wonder in your children's face. Whether they are catching their first fish or watching a coyote or bird play in a field, these things will be memories that they will always remember. And even if none of those things happen when they get older they will appreciate the time you made for them.

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