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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Duotheism or Pantheism?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Another repost today but it relates to an upcoming series that I will be starting at the beginning of August. The first half will be my thoughts on Masculine Archetypes and the second half will be a series of guest posters on the Feminine Archetypes. I'm not sure how this will shake out but I'm pretty sure that the Gods will make a showing somewhere in the writing. Interested? Use the contact form and send me an email.

I have noticed in Wicca and Paganism in general as it grows as a faith, that there is a move from its duotheistic roots towards a more pantheistic worldview. Much like the Pagans of the Old World (pre-Christianity) Pagans are beginning to worship multiple Gods and oftentimes venerating whole Pantheons.

Before I go any further, I guess I should share my viewpoint on this, which as is to be expected is slightly outside of the normal view of most Pagans. I believe that there is One Source, the All for lack of a better term, that all things are part of. From this comes the Archetypes of the Goddess and the God in all their aspects. But within these Archetypes is the many Gods of the many pantheons.

This is because of when and how I began my studies in the Craft. The movement towards that pantheistic world view had not reached any sort of large numbers at that time. But if I was to begin today, I would probably choose to believe in that Pantheistic worldview. Because many of the individual deities do not fit into one of the more classic Archetypes. A problem which people have tried to solve by adding archetypes, such as Warrior or Amazon or Grandfather/mother.

As part of my degree studies I read Progressive Witchcraft, by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. They broached this topic of view of deity, and drew a correlation between the African Diasporic traditions today (voodoo and the like), and of how Western Paganism may have looked in the early days of Christianity or even if Christianity had grown to the prevalence that it enjoys today. Much like the reconstructed religions of Heathenism and other Germanic traditions, the African Diasporic traditions are very pantheistic. With little, if any at all, mention of larger Archetypes.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. In your own personal practice who do you worship? Do you follow a pantheon or do you follow the larger Archetypes?

Blessed Be!

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