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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Household Priests and Priestesses?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Recently I listened to a podcast from T. Thorn Coyle. This podcast was the recording of a summit at Pagan Spirit Gathering on leadership in the Pagan community. Towards the end of this summit there was mention of how not everyone is drawn to be clergy, but that there may be a need for training of parents to be able to lead forward the next generation. Specifically she talked about maybe returning to an earlier Pagan model. One in which not everyone is a priest(ess) of the mysteries. In Ancient times people were priests of their household and of their trade.

Much like in modern Heathenism, where there is the leader of the Kindred, which can be comprised of many households, but there are still leaders of those households. These leaders being responsible for the spiritual leadership of their respective households.

This caught my interest, because it is in small part what I am already doing here. Although much of my focus is on training children, maybe some of my focus should be on providing information on helping all of us to become better spiritual leaders of their respective households?

I don't want to begin to add these kind of things unless it is something you all are interested in. And in fact I'm not even sure what those things would begin to be. Any comments would be appreciated.

Blessed Be!

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