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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just for Today, I Will Be Kind to Every Living Thing

Thursday, September 30, 2010
The last in my series on the Reiki Principles and how they can apply to parenting, is this principle. And like yesterday this is a principle that could possibly offend people. Because aren't we all kind to people and other living things?

I know, again, that I am far from perfect. Anger and me have an old relationship. While I have learned to control much of mine, it still can get out and make me say and do things that I shouldn't do. But I am working on being a good example for my kids. 

But on the other hand you can be over kind to living things. There is a story of a Buddha; where he told one of his disciples to draw him a bath. The disciple went and found the tub full of bugs and since he couldn't hurt them he returned to the Buddha. Who of course asked him about his bath. When the disciple told him of what he had found and asked what to do, the Buddha said again, 'draw me a bath'. This was repeated multiple times until the disciple realized that we can't not hurt everything all the time. And as long as we don't go out of our way to harm things then there are allowances made. 

Now again like yesterday I would love any comments and thoughts that you can share.

Blessed Be!

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