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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mabon Crafts - Foliage Mask

Thursday, August 25, 2011
I found this over on craftypagans.com. And thought that I would share.

Items needed:

Felt in various fall colors
Silk or real leaves (optional)
A plastic or fabric half-mask
Yarn or Thread (to keep it on)

Using felt of various fall foliage colors, cut out a variety of leaf shapes. Oak, Maple, and Laurel are three distinct choices. You don't need to worry about the leaves looking perfect, as they will be layered for the overall effect. You can trace a pattern onto the felt lightly with marker as it will not bleed through to the other side. (It will, however, rub off on your hands!)

Before gluing, arrange the leaves on your mask to determine placement. The leaves can and should hang slightly off of the mask base. Felt is generally sturdy enough for this. For the eyes, hold the leaf you want in that area where it will be placed, turn the mask over, and lightly trace the eye opening from the back of the mask. You can then cut the opening out of the felt piece.

When you are ready, glue the pieces onto the mask, starting with the bottom-most layer. Allow the glue to dry, and then use the yarn to wear your mask.

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