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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taking Time to Remember and Give Thanks

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Last Monday I spoke about taking time to rest and today I wanted to speak on the subject of taking time to remember. To remember all the things that this year has brought us so far. The good and the bad and the 'just so'. As I have been saying Mabon is a time for our attention to begin to be turned inwards and this is just another form of that reflection.

This year in my life has been one of growth, both personally, spiritually and in the physical realm. I am well into my second degree work and during that time I have been spending 90 days in each of the elements, currently being in Earth. This blog has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to all of you. I have started an Yahoo group recently, the Pagan Village, for Pagan parents to come together and share their life experiences. Through the weekly discussions and other random emails this group is beginning to take shape. And I hope that more of you and your fellow Pagan parents come over and join in.

On a more familial note my daughter has completed and been evaluated for her first year of homeschooling and passed with flying colors. Through my degree work and my wife's we have grown closer and strengthened our family as a whole.

While I don't expect to know all of your personal details, your dirty laundry so to speak, I do hope to hear from some of you on the good things that have come to you this year so far. So please comment and/or email me.

Blessed Be!

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