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Monday, October 25, 2010

Making an Ancestor Wall

Monday, October 25, 2010
Credit for today's post goes to my wife. Over on the Village, a few weeks ago, we had a discussion about honoring the Ancestors this October and she remarked on her side project, her Ancestor Wall. Basically what this is is a family tree with some additional photos of loved ones who have passed on.

We currently have it placed above our altar but in the Spring, when we hope to repaint, I plan on moving this to the Northeast corner of the room, with a dedicated shelf for offerings and some info from my side of the family. As I have talked earlier on this blog, we use five points instead of four in our circle castings. That fifth one dedicated for the Ancestors.

Starting your own Ancestor wall is a worthwhile and easy project for you to do. I recommend starting with a family tree and trying to compile photos along the way. Here are some tips to get you started:

Getting Started

*Go to the living. Talk to your existing family and gather as much information as you can on as much family as they can remember.
*Remember that stories are important, you may even want to compile those stories. Either in written form or in video or audio form.
*Then go to the physical records. Starting with family bibles, diaries, letters, photograph albums.
*And ending up at non-federal records. By this I mean, local sources like courthouses. For birth and death certificates. Along with marriage documents or deeds.

For more tips on doing this check out archives.gov.

Where do I go from here?

Now that you have started on this project and have something that you can put up, what do you do next? There are many ways to go. Like we plan to do in the Spring, you could hang up a special shelf for your Ancestors and put up pictures and the family tree. Then regularly clean that area and leave offerings and light candles to honor them. Or you could put that material on your normal family altar and always be reminded of them. The list goes on and on about the way you could honor your Ancestors in this way. Each way is unique to the family being honored.

Yet the more you work on bringing them into your home and into your rituals the more helpful your Ancestors can be. From lending energy for magick to giving you warnings of things to come.

Do you guys do something like this? If so I would love to hear your stories. Or if not then I would still love to hear from you.

Blessed Be!

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