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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Raising up the Next Generation in Faith

Sunday, November 13, 2011
Yes that is my byline, right up there at the top of the site. But what exactly does that mean? Well if you are reading this article, then you are already or at the very least thinking of it. The children of the world are being lost in record numbers, they grow up without faith to bolster their spirituality. And as such they can be very apathetic about the Divine and their whole spirituality.

This month I am working on finally putting my book down on paper. Or is that screen? Either way one of the things I talked about was the garden of our soul that is found in each of us. In children this garden is of course new and not grown up. And as the child grows up their spirituality will grow and blossom. Continuing with the garden metaphor this spirituality is like a viny plant and without support it will grow out of control and eventually choke out this garden. This is why so many teenagers are just like, 'something is there just don't know what it is.' They have given up trying to get their spirituality, that vine, under control.

As parents it is our job to provide that support through faith or religion. Through giving our children a religion, in my case obviously it was Paganism, we provide a wall or trellis for that spirituality to grow on. Now of course as your children get older they can add onto this wall if they choose to change their faith. But we have provided that foundation that kept their spirituality vibrant and alive.

But like any wall that we build in the physical world, it has two parts; mortar and brick. This spiritual wall also has two parts; faith and family. So I hope that you join me over the next few weeks as I explore  these two different parts of this wall that the spirituality of our children grow on. And of course any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Blessed Be!

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