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Monday, December 27, 2010

Paganism and Minimalism

Monday, December 27, 2010
As many of you know, I often turn to nature for answers to problems and to how to live my life. Since we as humans tend to oh so often and oh so dramatically over-complicate things.

So to continue in my series on Spiritual Leaders of our houses, I wanted to talk on the subject of minimalism. As I said above, we as humans tend to complicate things to much. But if you look at nature, they find the simplest way to get things done. Now that isn't always me (finding the simplest way) but I do strive for that.

Many people when they get started in the idea of minimalism they buy more things to help them get organized but that sort of defeats the purpose. My recommendation is not to go all gung-ho either. Rather just pick one thing and focus on bringing simplicity to it.

There is a Zen saying that I am reminded of here; When eating, eat; When walking, walk. Basically this means to find a focus and to do only that thing. The true essence of minimalism. To do more with less and to stop trying to multi-task.

Blessed Be!

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