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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wicca 101 - Tools - Kid's Version

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Tools and children. This is an interesting topic one with many questions. When are they ready to use tools? Should any young children be allowed to be responsible for a dagger? These are all questions that will vary upon the child but I have tried to put together a short checklist to not only tell when a child is ready for their own magickal tools but also for when they may be ready to enter into Circle with the rest of the family.

Awareness of the Self
Ability to follow simple instructions

I think that these few things are self-explanatory and so I won't belabor you with long explanations. 

Now that your child (and you) have gathered your tools they will need to be consecrated. So here is a sample cleansing and consecrating ritual, that is kid-friendly.

Items Needed
  • Blessed Water - This is basically just water with a pinch of salt that has been imbued with positive energy making it pure and clean
  • Sage or some other cleansing herb
Circle Casting

Start by casting circle in any way that is comfortable to you. I have included a circle casting to help with those who are new.

Have all join hands and still their thoughts. Let the first to speak say;

From Me to You; followed by the next person saying
From You to Me
and repeat until all have said both lines.
For the purpose of tonight's ritual have the chant move deosil (clockwise) around the circle of people.

Then when it gets back to the first let them say;

The Circle is Cast and the Temple is raised.
So Mote It Be! (All can repeat)

Ritual Content

Now that you have cast circle, lightly sprinkle the item to be consecrated with some of the blessed water And smudge it with smoke from the sacred herb.

Next have the child hold it and repeat after you:

I claim and bless this item
In the name of the Goddess (Lay it on the Earth below)
And the God (Hold it up to the sky)
So that it may serve me well in ritual

Have them focus on clearing the object of negative energy (you may have to help them in this step) and making it their own. 

Blessed Be!

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