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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harvest Your Life

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
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This Sabbat is the Harvest of grain and like the grain we all have chaff and wheat within us. The things that we need to cut away and the things that we need to sow and multiply. What are those things? This is where our focus should be on this Sabbat. Or at least a portion of our focus.

I know that the Sabbats, as they stand, are set to a Northern European system. The first Harvest for many comes earlier or later then Lughnasadh but to me the energy is still present somewhere when the first of August comes. But what exactly does this energy mean? How can we take advantage of this time to work beneficial magick in our lives?

I had the honor to attend a ritual where the High Priestess used a scythe to do this very thing. We each took time to meditate on the things that we needed to cut away and then again on the things that we wanted to harvest in our lives.

Yet not all of us have a spare scythe lying around. Well at least I don't. So what can we do? Well I think that the meditation should be enough. Intent is everything right?

This Sabbat also marks the start of the Dark Half of the Year, the time when our Ancestors worked on repairing the tools of their lives and on other projects. We can also use this time to do just that. As the Harvests come let us use their energy to affect the changes we want in our own lives. So as we move closer to Lughnasadh let us all spend some time in prayer and meditation. What things do you need to let go like chaff in the wind? And what things need your focus to bring to a successful harvest?

Blessed Be!

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