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Monday, August 15, 2011

Feminine Archetypes - Crone

Monday, August 15, 2011

   In the aspect of the Triple Goddess, crone, together with mother and maiden, represents the circle of life. The crone is the most frightening and misunderstood of the three. She represents our destruction, decay and death. In her positive aspect she is often depicted as a grandmother, a wise woman or a midwife.

   At the time of menopause, the pause of the flow of the menses, the Sacred Blood of Wisdom is finally retained inside the body and the woman herself can partake of its wisdom. In the middle ages the Crone Goddess became the wicked witch and the hag or our fairy tales. Her knowledge and wisdom was persecuted by the church's fear. 

   Her colour is black and she is associated with the waning or new moon, Autumn and Winter.
Invoke the Crone Goddess in time of menopause, change or to help face your own mortality.
  Cerridwen (Ker-RID-Win) symbolizes the transfomative power of magic, wisdom, rebirth and creative inspiration. She is associated with the moon, fertility, science, prophecy and poetry. She is married to Tegid Voeland and was mother to three children: Creirwy, Morfan, and Taliesen. There is no mention of her own origins in surviving myths.

Cerridwen's myth:

   The Goddess used her knowledge of magic and herbs to create a potion to transform her ugly son Morfan into a wise boy. The potion needed to be boiled in her cauldron for a year and a day. She leaves her servant Gwion in charge of the mixture until one day when he accidentally spilled three drops on his hand and licked it off empowering him with the brew's knowledge and power.

   Frightened of the Goddess's reaction he turned himself into a rabbit. Cerridwen gave chase in the form of a greyhound. He then became a fish and jumped into the river and she became an otter. He turned into a bird and she followed as a hawk. Eventually Gwion transformed into a grain of corn and is eaten by the Goddess who becomes a hen.

   The grain took seed in her womb and nine moons later she gave birth to Taliesin. She is unable to kill the child, instead she wraps him up in a leather bag and sets him out to sea. He survives and becomes the famous Welsh Poet Taliesen.

We are going slightly out of order here but I hope that you enjoy. Today's post is brought to you by Angel Heaven Murkeson (Scarlet Falconess). 

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