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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feminine Archetypes - The Priestess

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
The Pagan or Wiccan priestess is a wonderful thing to behold.  She is a spiritual leader, invoker of deity and is there for her family and her community.  To me she is the typical aspect of the mother/crone archetype.  She is willing to do for those around her like a caring mother and like the crone sheds wisdom on those in need.

She takes care in training others on their spiritual path.  A journey that essentially never ends.  She is the caregiver of the deity that she invokes.  Looking inward and taking time to look outward at the same time. She is just like any other mother or grandmother looking toward the future of those she loves whether met or unmet.

The priestess starts out like any other initiate. She studies long and hard to become wise.  This doesn’t mean she is perfect.  It just means the call of the god/dess is very strong and she knows where others needs might be met.  She doesn’t always have a flock to call her own.  Sometimes she is alone in her calling and strives just to be closer to deity.  Which makes her no less of a priestess.  She may just be a priestess with her and her priest.  But she is the leader of her own domain.  Just looking into the eyes of another that calls the power of deity to become one half of a whole.

She not only invokes but evokes what is needed.  Sometimes just praying to the god/dess is all that is needed and called for and a priestess knows the proper time to do the proper procedures.  So just know that a proper priestess also would never betray a sacred trust, and is always looking out for what’s best for the flock.

Today's guest post is by my lovely wife. Hope you all enjoy it.

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