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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Masculine Archetypes - The Father

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Sorry about the missed post but onto the next, The Father.

I think it is obvious that this is one archetype that I feel the most connected to. While the Priest is responsible for the community at large, the Father has a smaller community of his own to guide; his family.

Not only is he (with the help of the Mother as well) responsible for raising up the next generation, turning them from children into productive adults of society. He shares responsibility in teaching them about Faith and all its lessons. And I think that any parents out there, would not disagree that this can be one of the toughest tasks we are ever faced with.

But the Father faces a difficult balancing act. One that I am still working on mastering. It is easy to give up so much for your family that you cease to be what makes you a good Father. To little sleep, makes you snappy. Too much stress, thins your patience. And this is what separates the dads from the Fathers. The strength to overcome these tendencies. To find that balance and hold it.

In the book I mentioned yesterday (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover) they devote a good portion of each chapter to the shadow aspects of each of the archetypes that they focus on. So for the Father I guess the shadow aspects would be the Dad and the OverBearer. OK, maybe not the best choice of words, but let me explain. The Dad is one who is unable to face his responsibilities and either runs or is ineffectual at his job in raising up the next generation. The OverBearer is in the other direction. This aspect is so focused on their responsibilities that they can quickly become a despot. They are the abusers, and the Father-figures that repress their families.

I hope you are enjoying this series so far. And remember I need a guest poster for the Amazon aspect if anyone is interested out there.

Blessed Be!

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